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Here are some of my favorite things! These are products I whole-heartedly love, endorse and use every day. I have carefully chosen a small list of things that I think will help you improve your health, mind-body-spirit, and I stand behind them. Each product contains an affiliate link that helps me support my small business. I hope you try and thoroughly enjoy some of these delights just as I do! #tohealth

Rasa. We’re in the midst of a Human Energy Crisis. We extract too much from our bodies without giving enough back, and—in order to avoid burnout—we need regenerative energy. Coffee. Ain’t. It. Rasa is.

Rasa is a line of adaptogenic coffee alternatives that give you regenerative energy & fill the well within.

Their signature 12 herb formula has 7 adaptogens & 2 ‘shrooms to give you all-day energy + replenish your energy reserves, boost your mood and help you be more of a BAMF when sh!t hits the fan! They also have Dirty Rasa, which has a little coffee (10 mg caffeine) mixed in if you can’t quite give up your fix (like me) plus some amazing cocoas, as well as blends for sleep, immunity and mood. Psst, the sex tonic is so fire! They have a Rasa for everything and I’m here for it!

Rasa is perfect if you’re keto, vegan, paleo, or just human! It contains no fillers or common allergens, & is Certified Organic with 100% sustainably harvested herbs & mushrooms. I have it every day and highly recommend you do too. Get you some Rasa and let me know how you feel! #adaptogens

Hamama. This little sprout tray is my favorite fun kitchen project! It just sits there, looking cute, and a week later, you have fresh micro-greens! What?! Genius.

Hamama makes growing superfood greens fail-proof! Seriously, just add water once and harvest in a week. Grows indoors, year-round, even in low light!

They have broccoli, red cabbage, kale, fenugreek, wheatgrass, clover, wasabi mustard, daikon radish, super salad mix & zesty mix. All of their seeds are Non-GMO and most organic.

Microgreens tend to have more concentrated flavors, tender textures, vibrant color, and densely-packed nutrients than their mature counterparts. They are generally rich in sources of vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene, and are low in oxalates (anti-nutrients). I’ve loved sprouts since I was a kid, buying them in the co-op with my parents. Now I can have them every day, and it makes me so happy! Grow your own too, it’s super fun!#microgreens

Yoga Outlet. Ok, who doesn’t love a new, cute yoga outfit at a good discount? It puts a certain somethin’ into your practice, especially when we are all stuck at home, amirite? I go to Yoga Outlet to browse when I need a little retail therapy. And who doesn’t need retail therapy right now? Se-ri-ous-ly.

They have an awesome selection of yoga wear, cozy and functional street wear (hello, athlesiure!) and tons of props and accessories to make your yoga, meditation and life in general cute, comfy and dialed in. And, at a discount!

I’ve ordered so much here to enhance my practice: bolsters, straps, blocks, mats, clothes and even water bottles and incense. I love new workout gear, ample props for those restorative days, and good deal. If you do too, check in at Yoga Outlet! 

Gem Water/Crystals for Humanity. Om-my-gosh. When my bestie gifted me with a crystal water bottle for my birthday I was so excited because I’d wanted one for a long time but hadn’t made the purchase. I don’t know what I was waiting for, because this water experience is dope! 

I am a little crystal obsessed (I took a lot of geology in college) and use them on the daily to balance energies in myself, my kids, my home and my car. They are even incorporated into my houseplants and garden! I love them for enhancing meditation and manifestation, for public speaking, and chakra healing. Being the highly sensitive being that I am, I feel distinct and powerful energy frequencies from crystals. What really fascinated me when I got deeper into the study of Ayurveda is how prolifically gems were/are used internally, as preparations for deep healing. Of course! 

Everything about Ayurveda feels like home for me, so of course crystals are a part of it. Gem water is a whole experience. First, it’s beautiful. It feels like self-care just using one of the gorgeous bottles. It makes the water taste and feel better. I’m serious, the water is softer and silkier after chilling amongst the gemstone inside. Plus, the gem imparts all of its gorgeous minerals into your water, making it easier to get all of your essential nutrients in each day. I can’t think of a better gift for yourself. So if you’re needing a little extra beauty and TLC in your every day, grab a water bottle, or one of the gorgeous pieces of jewelry from this forward-thinking company. 

Yoga Veda Institute. This beautiful school is where I study Ayurveda and I couldn’t be more pleased. It truly feels like home. It is the most loving, giving, conscious and intelligent community. I am excited every day to wake up and learn more, and I highly recommend them for all things Yoga and Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has long been an interest and a passion of mine, and I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to finally be all in on this practice and lifestyle, studying to be an Ayurvedic Practitioner, to deepen my abilities as a healthcare provider, broaden my capabilities as a therapeutic clinician, and better and more accurately heal myself and my sweet family, so we can live vibrantly every day.

You can try this free foundations course on Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, Sister Science: Adventures Beyond Asana. It’s a great way to get acquainted with Ayurveda and YVI, including our large, welcoming community. And if you want to go deeper and sign up for a course or program, hit me up and I can give you a direct link to sign up. They even have a generous scholarship program, making it super accessible to anyone interested in making Ayurveda a part of their lives. 

Banyan Botanicals. My go-to site for Ayurvedic herbs and a great one-stop-shop for intro-level Ayurvedic education. Banyan is doing it all right; they’re a B-Corp, based in Oregon, my home state, and they are meticulous about sustainability, producing quality herbal formulas from their beautifully tended organic farms, cultural inclusivity and social equity. Check it out, yo! 

You can take your basic Dosha Quiz; order the right supplements and supplies for your constitution and current health concerns; get kitchari making kits, recipes, and tips on living Ayurvedically, with a focus on seasonality and honoring your constitutional type as well what may be arising within, using natural, sustainably-farmed goods.