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My Mission + Methods.

My name is Alaya and it is my wish for you to feel vital and tuned-in, free and expansive, potent and resilient, strong and capable, and by all means HEALTHY as you integrate all that wants to be a part of you, through body-mind-spirit connection and mindful coaching. I want you to achieve wellness your way, and I’m here to help.

My mission is to help you come home to your truest self through energetic alignment within your body, mind and soul, through mindful holistic coaching. What does that look like for you? That’s what we find out together through our initial exploration, and fine tune as we go. I coach in packages of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, and incorporate the modalities I’ve trained in, with awareness around your energy and desired outcomes. 

My coaching creates a sacred container for you, in which you can explore all the forms of wellness from my many modalities, with adaptability and flexibility to match your schedule and energy levels, as you hone and strengthen toward lasting vitality. 

As a practitioner and coach, I’m an active, hands-on space-holder, playful teacher, social advocate, research nerd, and deep listener. I aim to help you understand how to take action toward your desired outcomes, and find your own version of wellness, by adding tangible resources and practices to your routine, in addition to gentle intuitive reflection and guidance as you work through layers of self discovery and healing.

My methods of guidance show up under the umbrella of Holistic Wellness Coach, and include certification in: 

Ayurvedic Practitioner (AP): currently in training and gathering clinical hours to become a board certified Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Functional Nutrition (NTP): with specialization in Ayurvedic nutrition; gut health + the microbiome (SCHE), digestive disorders + disease, including post-op recovery; paleo nutrition (PHC); female hormone health and sports nutrition (PNL1). I’m also an experienced holistic chef, having served individuals through my healthy meal prep business, as well as groups on retreats throughout the world. 

Functional Movement Practitioner: with specialization in dance, yoga (MVP 200 hr YTT + Trauma Informed Yoga Certification) functional mobility + strength training (NASM), as well as trauma-informed somatic healing (MVP Somatic Healthing Certification)

Mindfulness Teacher: serving as a guide of meditation, yoga nidra and training in EFT tapping. 

Energetic Healing: I’m a Holy Fire Reiki II Certified Practitioner, who reads aura as well as tarot and oracle.

Nonprofit Founder: I’m passionate about sustainable local food systems, equitable nutrition & wellness access, and holistic community health, which is why I’m working behind the scenes to support positive change through my nonprofit, Vital Vessel Project.


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