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My Mission + Methods.

My mission is to help you come home to your truest self through energetic alignment and self mastery work. It is my wish for you to feel free and expansive, potent and fulfilled, as you integrate all that wants to be a part of you, through body-mind-spirit connection.

My methods of guidance show up as intuitive healer, storytelling guide, sacred space holder, divine mirror, twin flame guide and loving coach. I specialize in the alchemy of the grey areas of life we often experience as we learn to be present in our own energy. I can help you identify what stories need to be told, then navigate the in-betweens and unknowns of your growth work, by helping you connect the dots of what orbits around you, while also grounding your energy back down into your body and the earth.

I help you call your own energy back to your body, generating a reciprocal energy flow to enhance vitality, and care for your vessel, as you reach out into the essence of personal truth.

My wisdom lies in connecting the past with the future; the body with the spirit + mind; the ancestry with the ether; to help you integrate all of your energies and truths into the present, allowing you to simply live in what is, at each given moment, on your own divine path. This energetic environment and relationship with the self that we will cultivate together, allows for deep wisdom to be present, and gentle ongoing healing to occur.

I can help you through intuitive tarot + oracle readings; energetic alignment readings, which include aura storytelling + clearing; 1:1 energetic alignment coaching; intuitive holistic nutritional counselling, twin flame teaching, and through online + in person healing circle facilitation.

I am twin flame channel and read regularly for a portion of the collective I call New Wave Twin Flames. I feel a deep sense of purpose, and it is with honor that I serve you as a guide as you travel through your twin flame journey. As twin flames, we have this divine mission work to do, and when I help you align with your energy so that you’re free to accomplish your soul work, it fills my cup with overflowing joy! To see my public readings for the collective, please visit my YouTube page and subscribe for updates. (link) To purchase a twin flame reading or apply for twin flame coaching, please visit here. (link)

In addition to my coaching + healing work, I hold calendar space each year to practice the joyful work of holistic cheffing at spiritually aligned retreats + events. (link to holistic cheffing info page)


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