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Hi there, I’m Alaya!

Intuitive holistic nutritionist, aura-seer, channeling chef and spiritual coach. I help you support your energetic needs and
become as healthy as you can, so that you can continue to do the work you’re meant to do, with as much energy, vitality and
stamina as you need while you expand, share your gifts, and hold space for others.

Avid foodie, joyful cook, dedicated boy-mom, playful adventurer, writer, yogi and fellow transformation-focused entrepreneur,
I see the magic in my fellow humans every day. It lights me up to support those doing good, living well and who are on the rise,
using my signature intuitive holistic nutritional counseling process. I’m all about a hands-on, client-led, one of a kind experience
for each person I have the pleasure to serve.

My super-powers include:

Being fully present with you. I will hear you, I will see you, I will know you, and you will know me. All authentic, all the time.
If my stories and experiences help to open you, consider me an open book.

Heart-led healing. I come to you from my heart, and help you approach healing from yours.
There’s no better way to become vital than this, and it’s my life’s mission to lead by example. #love

Reflecting quickly and accurately, your light back to you. Let me show you what a badass you are!

Abundant creativity +Innovative spirit. I love expansion and I help you move past blocks and fears quickly and with so much love.
No patterns are ever-limiting, and I can see unique solutions to perceived problems. Ready to shake shit up?

Intuitive AF. I get a close read on you and your unique needs, which makes our relationship much more authentic and meaningful.
I am led by your unique energy, and thus able to not just educate, but empower.

Nutrition Nerd. I love research, and I leave no stone unturned. I incorporate Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutritonal
Psychology, current scientific research (paleo/primal/plant-based) + a healthy dose of intuition to help you heal and thrive.

Channeling Chef. I see your aura, and have an immediate understanding of what foods will serve you in your current cycle of growth,
by supporting whatever chakra(s) are being emphasized with related food colors.


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