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It’s so lovely to have you here in my circle. It is my honor to introduce to you some of my life’s most important work: helping you come into energetic alignment so that you may achieve wellness in your body. We all have a unique energetic blueprint, which encompasses how we feel, understand, and behave, and when in alignment with this energy, we unlock the key to personal wellness. So often we are guided to follow someone else’s way, when really it’s our own way, our Dharma, our one true path of self alignment, that leads to greatest enlightenment and thus our greatest health. I believe that wellness is a human right, and that all humans should have access to resources that help them achieve personal vitality, regardless of background or circumstance. Further, I believe we all have what we need inside of us; our own ancient wisdom, our own vision, and the power of our own mind, to find our own source of vitality. This is why I’m passionate as a guide, to help you discover this secret sauce inside, so that you may take wellness into your own hands. I have tools, I hold space, I reflect. You do the healing.

I’m a writer and communicator, teacher and facilitator, and a holistic nutritionist and chef, focusing on retreats.  In addition to this, I offer self-reflective tarot and energy healing sessions, as well as movement (yoga + dance) aimed at clearing and regenerating the energy within your chakra systems.

I love teaching on the subjects of energetic mastery and living in personal vitality so that we as individuals can be potently in service to the humanity that surrounds us. I believe deeply in the power of community and seek to help foster deeper connections amongst those who I work with, in person and online. I truly see the magic in my fellow humans every day, and it lights me up to support those who are on their path to do good, live well and be fully themselves.


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