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Holistic Chef.

Making delicious and healthy food for people is one of my favorite pastimes, so it has naturally become one of the best parts of my job, and a grounding force in what I do as a practitioner. I adore creating a space in which people may enjoy themselves, feel nourished, and vital. I do that in three distinct ways as a chef: at retreats, at intimate events, and through my meal prep service, which brings good prepared food to Portland, OR and the North Oregon Coast.

As a functional nutritionist and energy healer, my food is infused with both science-based healthy ingredients in the right combination, as well as reiki + love. The magic is in the combination! I take into account the health, energetic needs and goals of the person or group when preparing food for them. People often say they can feel the love and nourishment in their food, and that lights me up!

It’s a knack I have; seeing beyond the surface of symptoms, which may present as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, and understanding what people need to feel good. It is my belief that everyone deserves vitality, and everyone can achieve it. With food-love served up, you’ll be well on your way to ongoing healing (psst, it’s the body’s job) and therefore better energy, healthier thoughts and lasting vitality.


Read some reviews:

“Alaya, I am blown away! Having you chef for my private retreat last week was an absolute dream come true! Having you there to lovingly, intuitively prepare soul and body nourishment for our group in Sedona is the best investment I made! You made me look like a rockstar. Having your expertise to prepare foods that would help us integrate the work we were doing was priceless, truly. I was able to hold space for my clients while feeling amazing and energized the entire time. My post-retreat recovery was noticeable easier and I know it has everthing to do with you. Thank you! I will have you at every retreat I host from now on! Thank you for being a breeze to work with too!” – Joy Kingsborough

“I recently enjoyed a stay at a private retreat at which Alaya came to share her amazing, nourishing, consciously channeled catered offerings. WOW. Not only was the food absolutely amazing… her presence there was gentle, attentive and totally part of the scene. I would HIGHLY recommend her!” – Sara Spada

“Such incredible food! Alaya has a way of making healthy food comforting. Such a range of delicious veggies and meats. I felt supported, nurtured, and well fed! Thank you so much for nourishing our bodies with such inspired cooking xoxo. (The dancing in the kitchen was also an awesome touch!)” – Cindy Van Arnam

“Wow! Food that I never even thought I’d like, lined up just perfectly for what I needed! Thank you.” – Michelle Cooper

“Wow, this is how retreat food should be!! Alaya meditated on our group and determined which chakras needed nourishment, and designed the menu from there. This is taking high vibrational food to another level. Incredible, and delicious.” – Tara Leduc

“Alaya’s cooking and presence is so nourishing. She has an amazing gift. Highly recommend!” – Meaghan Alton

“I spent a weekend at a retreat with Alaya and her AMAZING cooking and I think I heard everyone say, “I wish I could take you home with me!” Alaya was intentional with every meal. Explaining what chakra was being activated with the foods we were eating, she even guided a meditation with our last meal. My body felt so strong and energized!” – Jackie McDonald


Experienced serving as a chef at intimate retreats, I adore working closely with hosts to create a food experience that perfectly matches the energy of your group, the work you’re doing, and the overall ease, pleasure and lightness of being that can be achieved by eating energetically aware, holistic meals. I specialize in groups of 14 or less, and can happily handle breakfast, lunch and dinner for this number over a long weekend, or desired duration. I survey the group ahead of time to become aware of any food allergies and dietary preferences, making sure it’s a seamless experience for participants. Food should make people feel good, it should taste amazing, and it should support them energetically as well. As I meet participants in person, I read the aura of each one, as well as the overall energetic impression I receive for the blueprint of the group; then I shop and design meals based off of this channeled information. It’s an experience like none-other!

Private Events.

Food brings people together. It’s our great commonality, and I love using food as the heart of an event. What are you interested in hosting? An on-location farm-to-table dinner? Intimate gathering at home? Destination pop-up? Wedding or larger celebration? I love helping you create the exact event experience you want. Food is of course the center of what I do, but I’ve worked in event settings for years, and have an understanding of what it takes to pull off the right atmosphere. What vibe are you going for? I adore using creativity and attention to detail to bring your vision to life. Let’s talk and see what magic we can create together!

Vital Vessel Meal Prep.

If you live in Portland, OR and want healthy meals delivered to your door, I’m pleased to offer Vital Vessel Meal Prep. Vital Vessel is the nonprofit I founded last year, and this meal prep business acts as a subsidiary to that organization, meaning the proceeds directly support operational costs of the nonprofit. So while you’re making a healthy choice to support your busy and active lifestyle by purchasing the gift of healthy food customized for your goals, you’re also helping to fund the mission of Vital Vessel: To bring wellness to the people! Vital Vessel offers wellness education to anyone who wants to show up for it, regardless of social or financial background. We offer nutrition classes, cooking classes, movement, mindfulness and meditation. In addition, we are working diligently to write the Hospital to Health Guidebook, offering whole foods nutrition education and recipes for those leaving the hospital after a major health event. As a nutritionist and wellness ambassador who has also been through a major health event and subsequent healing; it is my mission to help shift the paradigm of how patients are being treated, making nourishment an easy and central part of healing, as opposed to an afterthought. Food is medicine and I want everyone to know that.

The Meals.

Chef Alaya uses all organic, fresh and local (when possible) ingredients to prepare delicious meals that nourish your life. She carefully crafts each meal with a balance of flavor, nutrition and comfort. Her food delights the senses and makes you feel good. With her food you will feel lighter, more energized and at the same time nurtured and calm. She offers a complimentary 30 minute intake with each new client to discuss health background, goals and food preferences. She will then customize the meals to your needs, and is adept at working with complex health concerns such as autoimmune disease, healthy weight loss and food allergies. Her food will help you balance blood sugar and perform more efficiently, whether that’s at work, as a parent, as a performer, or as an athlete. Alaya is a dancer and martial artist, and mom of two boys, and thus understands what it takes to support an active lifestyle. She loves to support those seeking to take their fitness to a new place, by complimenting their workouts with the right food choices. If you’re a busy professional, an athlete, or if you’re healing from a major health event, Vital Vessel Meal Prep is here to support you every step of the way. Common Meal Plan options include Paleo (free of gluten, grains, dairy, legumes) Primal (paleo with the addition of ancient grains and full fat dairy) as well as Auto-immune Protocol (AIP) and Keto. In addition she’s happy to create a template just for you and your unique health goals.


Client Raves:

“Working and being a first time mom can leave very little time/energy to prepare fresh, well rounded meals. I knew I wanted to be more conscious of my diet but convenience always seemed to trump healthy decisions. Not anymore! With Vital Vessel’s meal prep, all I have to do is pop a container in the microwave and call it good. Alaya and I did a thorough intake so she was able to personalize my weekly meals to help me best accomplish my goals. Not only have I been enjoying absolutely delicious food, but I’m also feeling better. I can count on my meals being prepared with the best ingredients and lots of thought and care!” – Qian Dougan

“I’ve been using the Vital Vessel meal prep for going on 6 weeks now. It’s been a real blessing and is absolutely delicious.”- Michael Wall, owner of North Portland Martial Arts and Movement


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